Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Portrait Society of America

Ok, I apologize for bombarding everyone with this piece over and over. Well, I shouldn't apologize. I really like this piece. Its probably one of my best. Which isn't saying much, but out of all the headache that goes in to trying to put ideas on canvas, its nice to be happy about the result once in a while.

The reason I'm posting this is because I recently found out it was chosen as a finalist in the Portrait Society of America's annual portrait competition. Out of 1200 entries 20 were chosen to show as finalists at the conference in Philadelphia this April. I'm completely shocked, totally grateful for the opportunity to show there, and I just cant believe it. Especially when I know what caliber of portrait painters are out there.


Sometimes work needs to be posted for sentimental value alone. This is not the best drawing I've ever done. I drew this with my class at UVU this week. Unfortunately the classes there are only an hr and fifty minutes. So, between helping some of the students, and breaks, there is probably an hr in this portrait. I used nu pastel so I could fill in shadow masses in a short amount of time.

This post is all about the subject. I dont see my friends very often these days. So, once in a while I con one of them in to modeling for my class. This is my friend Chance Lamell Morris. You can find Lamell in a painting on my website titled "something in a sunday". I lived with Lamell for a couple years, and he's one of the more interesting individuals on this planet. Anyone that talks to Lamell knows there's a history behind those features, and,
he's the only dude I know that makes a mustache look good.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Melissa Peck show this friday March 7th

Ok. Everyone out there who lives anywhere near Utah needs to know that this Friday is a show opening for Melissa Peck at the Coda Gallery in Park City. She's awesome. Her work is awesome. Its pretty much something you'll never forget. See you there.