Monday, March 3, 2008

Melissa Peck show this friday March 7th

Ok. Everyone out there who lives anywhere near Utah needs to know that this Friday is a show opening for Melissa Peck at the Coda Gallery in Park City. She's awesome. Her work is awesome. Its pretty much something you'll never forget. See you there.


melissa peck said...


Thanks, you rock! I was in Terzian the other day and no kidding overheard a conversation about your work... I guess they had just sold a painting of yours that day and were saying how it is hard to keep your work because you sell so often. You, my friend, are not only going to be a famous... you already are!!!

Adam Ford said...

Man, I can only imagine how much your students love you! They aren't missing anything by me not being around, they are getting so much more having you though. If you ever are up for it, I am still all about the trade while I still can!!! :)

Dani Brandimarte said...

Hey Justin- finally did that rocker, although it's not Blondie. Doesn't touch yours but you should check it out because I send some love your way on my post.