Friday, June 6, 2008

Drawing Rips

This is a drawing I did for my BYU class last semester. I should say I did this drawing in the class while they did their own drawings. I really enjoyed drawing this model. Her name is Noel and she was the best model we had all semester. A good model can be rare. Someone who just gets in. Noel got it. Drawing or painting a live model is addicting. If you are like me then you are kind of a dork, and you consider access to a good model and good music some of the best moments in life.


Aksel said...

Exelent drawing again.
i miss practice like that, never drawing with a live model in a class.
(drawing people on the street and other things, but never with a nude model)
I hope do lot of drawing with live model when i will come to provo ! (If there is a always a place for me ^^)

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Beautiful, Justin. Is that pencil? Love the cross-hatching.

Christopher Thornock said...

Yes you are a dork, why work from a model when you can use photography and why enjoy good music when the sound of your own breathing can be sooooo relaxing.

dugbuddy said...

beautiful work. such a soft touch to your drawings. Just wonderful. -db

The Miller Family: said...

i totally appreciate good models. thats why im so hot.