Monday, July 28, 2008

step by step clarity


Axel said...

First again !
I like this painting, the concept of this four vision of the same person on one painting.
Say "Hello" for me to the meeting when the school will open.
Thank you ! ;)

Anita Davies said...

It's not quite standing in the same room, looking over your shoulder and watching you work but it'll do ...for now!
Thanks for sharing Justin.

Becca Lou said...

i like you're hoodie.

emilebklein said...

ohhh man ohh man you're rocking the art world Taylor, see you on the dance floor. Thanks for the strong inspiration!

Brett said...

That was seriously the sickest thing mine eyes have beheld for quite some time. - Thank you my friend!

Katie Matteson said...

Justin, thank you for posting that. Vanessa is the best and you captured her beauty so well.

Where do you live....can you paint my children?