Wednesday, June 13, 2007

fresh on the easel

I apologize for the bad photographs. I just didn't have the patience to wait
untill I got good photos to post this new painting. So this is just a preview
of my new painting entitled Subway. It posed a number of different problems,
and went through a few changes before looking like this. Originally
I wanted to paint the background and two figures on the left and right in a
monochrome. After painting the middle figure I liked the red scarf so much
that I thought it would be more powerfull if all the figures were in color. I knew
that I wanted edges to be lost and vague in places, and this is what it evolved
in to. Its biggest painting I've done to date measuring in at 50 in X 39 in. This will
be one of the pieces for a show at Terzian Galleries at the end of August.