Thursday, January 17, 2008

I used to have this painting on my website. I took it off because I didn't think it really went with the body of work that I'm trying to create. BUT, I really like this painting. I like the way the paint worked transparent in the hair, and the colors in the face and hands. This piece is my tribute to Angus Young. Angus, for any of those lost souls who dont know, is the guitarist of the Australian rock band AC/DC. And, in my opinion, Angus defines rock-n-roll. The first concert I ever saw was AC/DC at the Salt Palace in 1991. I did this painting about 3 yrs ago. It's still one of my favorite paintings, and every time I see footage of Angus ripping it makes me want to paint twenty more of these.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I just realized I can post stuff other than paintings and drawings on here. I moved to Utah a few years ago for school. Its the last place I thought I'd be to pursue an art education and career. Its even more surprising to me that while I've been here I've become acquainted with some professional artists that I would usually only know from reading magazine articles or looking at gallery websites. Its been an awesome experience to connect and socialize with these individuals. This was a small gathering at the Springville Art Museum back in December.