Monday, June 14, 2010

they're with you

This piece will be on display in the Harris Fine Art Center at BYU until mid July.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

self indulgence

yeah weird. I've never really attempted a real self-portrait. For various reasons I've never really wanted to. I dont like spending too much time in front of the mirror in the morning much less looking at myself for days for a painting. The Julie Nester Gallery in Park City invited me to participate in a group show of all self-portraits so I agreed. I like Julie and her gallery space, and she has recruited some out-of-state artists that I respect a lot like Zack Zdrale, Eric Zener, and one of her artists whose work I am a recent fan of, David Ochoa. This piece is the largest head I've ever painted. I figure if I'm going to analyze my own features I'd go all the way. The panel measures 28" x 28". That isn't super huge, but it's a lot bigger than I usually paint. Mark making is really fun at that scale. The show opens this Saturday night, June 12th, 6pm. Hope you can make it.

This is one of the latest of my wife's work, and I must admit it is one of my favorites. I get the privileged of living with her work on our wall before it gets sent off to various shows around the world. I love this painting. Its 4ft x 4ft of interesting tactful surface. Sunny's process enables a viewer to consistently discover attractive nuances in every piece. Sunny Belliston Taylor has a solo show opening at the Finch Lane Gallery in Salt Lake this Friday, June 11th, 7pm. She will be showing a number of her small three-dimensional paintings, and about four of these latest landscape paintings. You should really be there.